Synopsis of "The Journals of Emlyn Harness" 


        Seven journals, written by an elderly man named Emlyn Harness, are discovered during the remodeling of an old house in Dripping Springs, Texas. The journals reveal that, as a young man, Emlyn Harness traveled extensively in the American West in the last decades of the nineteenth, and the first years of the twentieth century. During the time Emlyn Harness resided in Dripping Springs, most of the citizens of the small town in the Texas Hill Country knew him only as an old man who lived alone a few miles out of town in a house he built in 1923. Who the old man really was, and details of what had occurred in the life of Emlyn Harness, was a secret hidden in a small town for more than fifty years.

        The amazing and astonishing experiences Emlyn Harness had in his lifetime, and the startling story of his strange and unexplained disappearance on June 24, 1947, remained in shadows until Ben Rider, a young history professor at the University of Texas in Austin discovered The Journals of Emlyn Harness.

        When Emlyn departed Philadelphia for the West in the mid-1880's, he was a man in his late twenties. The entries in his journals chronicle an adventure quite different than that of the pioneers who preceded him. It is in these travels, and through his subsequent meetings with people throughout the West, that the long, strange trip of Emlyn Harness begins.

        In addition to the first-hand accounts of his meetings with settlers, lawmen, outlaws and the indigenous peoples in the American West, Emlyn Harness also recorded the many strange and supernatural events he witnessed, more than a hundred years ago.

        Sightings of bright objects in the skies of the deserts of the Southwest, Ghostly Presences, Native American Spirits, a soul-stealing Voodoo Priestess, experiments conducted at Secret Government Installations, men whom Emlyn calls "Black Riders," and a timely encounter with a Mystical Monk, are but a few of the amazing, unusual and exciting tales that fill the pages of The Journals of Emlyn Harness.

        It has been noted by some readers who find such character traits pleasing and stimulating aspects of the story, Emlyn Harness is handsome, intelligent, articulate, tough, sexy, sensitive, mysterious and enigmatic.

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